About Us!

Twin Oaks Associates, Ltd. is a privately held family business located in Austin, TX. Founded in 1953 by Odas Jung.  The company has prospered into an impressive industrial and commercial leasing firm still expanding to this day. Since Odas personally oversaw the building of the majority of his property, the company is familiar with every aspect of their business.

In 1960 the son of Odas, Joe Jung, entered the business alongside his father. After gaining experience while working for the company during high school and college, Joe took over the leasing and mortgage section during a time when only hand shakes were needed to solidify a deal. However, both he and the company evolved with the times, and stepped into the modern age of contracts and negotiations. In 1962, Joe used the knowledge he acquired from his work to obtain a commercial broker’s license. Finally, after flourishing with the business for 22 years, Joe along with four other family members bought Twin Oaks Associates, Ltd. in 1982.

Unfortunately, when the depression of 1986 reached Texas, their business felt the crunch. However, through perseverance, intelligence, and strategic planning, the company became even stronger than when it was opened in 1953.

In 1997, the family tradition continued when Scott Jung entered the company alongside his father. Growing up with the business, Scott easily transitioned into the role of Partner. With over 100 properties ranging in size from 2,000 square ft. to 89,000 square feet, Scott and Joe are able to offer a business space that fits every need. However, even though they own many properties, only a few buildings are usually available to lease at any given time since the majority of their tenants stay for many years. Once they experience the honest, professional, and straight forward business practice of the Jung family, few want to leave. They truly believe that the integrity and character of a landlord can always be measured by the length of stay of their tenants.